Eligibility: (Age Group- 3 Years and above)

A program well designed for the above age group .The child-centric programs executed through play and fun filled activities fill the child’s day with wonder and awe.

Our Pre kg program is specifically designed to arouse and sustain the curiosity of the child, through intriguing games and activities. The children of this age group have enormous grasping power and they need to be exposed to a "Structured” curriculum with diverse concepts. Accordingly, our curriculum whilst academically engaged is also committed to fun learning techniques and enquiry based themes.

The children get a peek into the academic world in this year – they are introduced to English alphabets, Phonics, Rhymes, Numbers Colours, Shapes, Environmental studies t etc . The curriculum also includes the study of the fascinating world around them with its wondrous collection of flora and fauna. The child starts on a journey of self exploration and expression at this age, and the role of the facilitator is of paramount importance here.