Eligibility: KG-2 (Age Group - 5 years and above )

Appropriate academic portions are dealt with, in the syllabus for KG-2, to enable the children to meet the challenges in the next level - . . The ingenious curriculum combined with the most modern teaching tools and caring & efficient instructors create a positive vibe in the child, leading her in the right path.

The curriculum for KG 2 lays emphasis on language proficiency and numeracy . Apart from subjects like Science, Creative Arts and physical fitness .at a higher level. .it is seen that the children of this age express themselves through writing and art and develop an enhanced sense of communication .The curriculum encourages them in assimilating the idea of’ “self , Group, Ethnicity, Nation etc. The ideas of ‘Good and Bad ‘are also instilled into them at this stage, to create a lasting impact on their minds as well as prepare the ground for a value based education .The curriculum helps them in achieving higher academic goals and gratifying personal transformations.