Kinderdale Sports and Arts Academy (KASA)

KASA – is one of the finest feathers in our cap. The endeavour focuses on training the children in various art forms such as Abacus , Dance, Music, and other sports activities like Karate, Taekwondo, and Skating etc

The importance of Sports in a child’s life is beyond that of a physical activity. It empowers and promotes higher self-esteem in children apart from motivating them to achieve better academic parameters too. Sports training help children to maintain good physical stamina as well as acquire qualities of leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance. Children who regularly practise sports are found to be more obedient, well disciplined, possess good judgement and develop social skills

The importance of Art is no less in the life of a child. Research has proved that arts can positively impact: academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity in children. Association with arts is linked to progress in maths, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill.. Involvement in Art, Music, & Drama, while enabling the children to develop self esteem and confidence, can also promote their social interaction, small and large motor skills etc. Abacus , makes maths fun and interesting for children .

The aforesaid factors have been the major considerations to conceive and develop KASA as a major centre for Sports and Arts for children

KASA is developed and maintained in such a way as to inculcate and promote the children’s interest in sports and arts and help them find expressions for their latent talents. .The nurturing atmosphere at KASA combined with the right instructors, sets the tone for rigorous training and practice sessions which leads to accolades and awards. The instructors for the various activities are chosen from the best in the field and a most comprehensive training is offered to the aspirant, enabling him / her scale new heights in the relevant field. Exclusive and time bound training is offered to children who are desirous of participating in competitions, empowering them to match their individual aspirations and performances Personal gratification and professional accomplishments by the children mark the milestones of our journey.

We also run an after-school program for such of the children who would like to extend their school hours as well as for children from other educational institutions ( upto the age of 12 years) who would be eligible to join any of the aforesaid activities. We have a group of teachers who are ready to coach your children in the desired subject .and assist them with lessons. The children for afterschool program can enrol for any of the above mentioned activities and can make their dreams come true in any chosen domain. Studies have shown that the participation of children in sports and arts activities help in physical, mental and academic evolvement. This is most relevant in today’s rapidly changing digital world. The child may be initiated into confusing and malevolent content under ‘surveillance free “atmosphere. The best option would be to keep him / her active after school too.