The Preschool Program offered by Kinderdale is a unique product, based on the curriculum presented by the research team at EduAxis Educational services Pvt. Limited. We incorporate the latest teaching methods that are personalized to suit the need of each and every child, while our vibrant and child- friendly curriculum promotes active learning for the holistic growth of the child. The understanding that’ each child is unique’ makes us adapt to diverse strategies for touching each and every mind. According to research, the brain development of a child from birth to age five is more aggressive than at any other point in a person’s life, even though our brains continue to grow through adulthood. It is also learnt that the three fundamental factors that facilitate proper brain development are: Quality of environment, Quality of interactions and Quality of teachers. According to Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” We totally subscribe and adapt to this theory. We have also, experienced that “playful learning” is what works for the young and they respond well to the fun learning techniques that are practiced here, at Kinderdale.

The curriculum, apart from enabling the child to establish a sound academic balance, should also connect the parent and teacher in such a way as to ensure communication resulting in the multidimensional growth of the child. Based on these factors, our curriculum is essentially an amalgamation of interesting and relevant data from the State, central and international syllabi. We have brought out various books and worksheets corresponding to the different age groups, based on the curriculum. This prepares the child for primary education under any of the above mentioned curriculum.

We have incorporated all the critical areas of learning such as Literacy, Numeracy etc, apart from Art and Music, Physical Health education, and Hygiene. Our preschool programs do maximize academic potential through cross-disciplinary learning activities that trigger the curiosity of the Child, making him/her ready for higher academic goals.

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