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Aims And Ethos

Our Aim is to find a rightful place in the field of early age education and bring forth a meaningful formula to chisel a fine sensitive citizen out of a child entrusted in our care. This can be possible only .through constant research and upgradation of our teaching methods and curriculum, which is the route taken by Kinderdale

Our Ethos necessarily reflect the philosophy of our beloved country and we strive to bring forth a generation of caring, sensitive individuals, to form the mosaic of our future .The future of any country is in the hands of its children who are the citizens of tomorrow The disturbing and baffling escalation of crimes in our society is definitely pointing towards a moral apathy and wrongful education.. The magnitude and the multitude of the rampant crimes makes a mockery of our so called civilized society .Let us join hands and teach our children – tomorrow’s citizens - the basic and true values of life . The time for VALUE BASED EDUCATION is now. The seeds of Goodness and kindness have to be cultivated and nurtured NOW.