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Welcome to Kinderdale International Pre-school

This helps in transforming the young ones into well rounded, confident and caring adults. We seek to provide the best early age education to the children and ascertain their smooth transition to future academic lives. Our Franchisees / Member schools too, comply with our stipulations to provide green, eco spaces and uncluttered building plans for their institutions to make learning a joyful experience for the child. Our sensitive teaching methodology along with the relevant curriculum help in creating the well balanced ambience for the child .We nurture the dream of a peaceful morrow with and for our children .

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Founders Message

A seasonal change is once again around the corner and I can feel a nip in the air – especially in the early mornings and nights. The incessant rains that have lashed our city for the past two months have thankfully withdrawn , leaving us to bask in the glory of the benign sunlight. The various fevers that have plagued our children are showing signs of abatement, thank to the spell of dry weather .My mind is now occupied with the innumerable programs to be conducted in the upcoming term. The entire team will now be busy with .the annual day celebrations to be held sometime in the coming February/March. The tiny tots naturally need a lot of practice to put forth an impressive show. When I think of the wonderful shows they have presented year after year. I feel the surge of pure happiness and pride. This has been possible only due to the immense hard work done by the entire staff. I am wonderstruck at the power of unity and determination.- and what it can achieve !. As you all know and wish for the infrastructure at the school is always upgraded and modified. New programs are often added to the curriculum, for the children to improve on their existing skills and learn new ones. New researches are always being carried out in the field of education – especially in the field of early childhood and our preschools have always been very keen to implement them Let us join hands in improving the quality of our early years education and create a genre of sensible, sensitive young people..

Best Wishes ,